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The End of Samson’s Life

Our sermon text for this coming Lord’s Day will be Judges 16:23-31.  This covers the end of Samson’s life.  Here are some questions to help you prepare for hearing this sermon:

1. How would you describe the Philistine’s religion?

2. Why do you think the Philistines chose to imprison Samson rather than kill Samson?

3. We’ve already acknowledged that Samson’s final prayer seems to be motivated more by his lack of eyes than his concern for God’s name and people, but God still used Samson in a mighty way to bring judgement against the Philistines.  What positive aspects of Samson’s faith can be seen in this last prayer?

4. Reflect upon the statement that Samson killed more at his death than he did during his life.  What significance is there in this statement?

5. What importance is it that Samson be buried in his father’s tomb?